Innovative Yachting Club Endeavors to Increase Boater Safety


The fractional yacht and electric boat rental industry leader in Chicago and Florida, Vantage Yacht Club, announces discounts and special privileges for customers who complete online boater safety courses. In addition, VYC will offer a Valet Captain service to prevent boating under the influence and help inexperienced boaters dock in high winds.

Vantage Yacht Club (VYC), the premier yachting club offering yacht management, charter and rental programs and creator of the “Yacht Card,” a timeshare program for yachting enthusiasts, today announced new programs and services for its customers that increase boater safety and enhance VYC’s First-Class Experience. “Vantage Yacht Club’s number one priority is to protect the personal safety of our members, their guests and our neighbors on the water,” said Vantage Yacht Club Founder and President Jason De Palma, “My obsession with safety was developed when training as a pilot and it is the foundation of our organization.” Vantage Yacht Club’s commitment to safety begins with required member participation in training programs such as VYC’s On-Helm boat operation courses as well as online safety and regulatory boater licensing through State approved courses and exams.

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Vantage Yacht Club Adds Sustainable Electric Boats to Its Rental Fleet


Vantage Yacht Club, the premier fractional club offering shared yacht ownership and creator of the Yacht Card, announced additions to its Fleet Membership and Non-Member rental fleets today with the delivery of four electric Duffy Boats. Vantage Yacht Club is proud to announce this first electric boat initiative in Chicago as it continues to lead the evolution of the yachting lifestyle. Electric boaters will cruise the Chicago River taking in the sights and sounds of the city while promoting environmental responsibility and sustainability. These zero-emission electric boats are available to rent by-the-hour beginning April 1, 2012 from 8:00 am until midnight, seven days a week. The boats are enclosed with an overhead canopy and removable windows and will be rented throughout all four seasons. The boats are easy to operate by boaters who have no boating experience.

While promoting environmental conscientiousness, yet still encouraging the adventurous spirit keen to Chicago and its guests," said Jason De Palma, Vantage Yacht Club Founder and President, "the electric boat manufacturers and Vantage Yacht Club will work together to create the level of awareness necessary to change the way we all view and treat the Chicago River." Vantage believes that its thousands of satisfied customers will not only begin to appreciate the Chicago River even more, but will directly join the effort to attract Chicago's decision makers to intensify River cleansing and vitalization programs. By adding hundreds of electric boats to its fleet over time, Vantage expects a sparkling Chicago River for all eventually to enjoy.

Thanks to the electric Duffy Boat launch, Vantage Yacht Club has created jobs. A newly hired team will spearhead reservations, provisioning, training, cleaning and customer service to create an unforgettable experience for Vantage electric boaters.


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